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Won’t Change Asia Cup 2022 Schedule To Accommodate IPL 2022: Ehsan Mani

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The PCB chairman Ehsan Mani became has expressed his views on scheduling Asia Cup 2022 yet again saying that Pakistan won’t compromise the upcoming Asia Cup 2022, that is set for September this year, for creating a window to host IPL 2022.

Mani was of the view that it’s not just Pakistan or India who hold the right to make this decision but there are other participating countries too. He further added that the tournament’s revenue is distributed to all the ACC members for growing Asian cricket.

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Wont Change Asia Cup 2022 Schedule To Accommodate IPL 2022

There’s rife speculation going on that the Board of Control for Cricket in India is seeking an alternate window towards the latter part of the year for conducting IPL 2022 which might result in postponement of the Asia Cup 2022 or even the ICC World T20 2022. Earlier the IPL 2022 was postponed owing to the restrictions being imposed on the travel of foreign players from their respective countries to make sure the coronavirus spread is properly dealt with and is reduced as much as possible.

“I have read and heard about these speculations but right now just remember that having or not having the Asia Cup is not a decision between Pakistan and India it involves other countries as well,” Mani said on Tuesday.

“…it is important to have the Asia Cup if cricket activities resume by then because the development of Asian cricket depends on funding from the tournament. It is important for many countries who are members of the Asian Cricket Council,” he further added during a PCB podcast.

“But if the conditions change and we can have the Asia Cup, it must be held as earnings from it are distributed as development funds to member countries for next two years,” he said.

Sharing his views on the ICC World T20, scheduled in Australia during October-November 2022, the PCB chief said that the financial setback would be felt by many countries if the tournament does not take place. Mani also said that the Pakistan Cricket Board was to get somewhere around 7-8 million dollars by ICC in June but due to the COVID-19 crisis we’re currently facing might mean they won’t be able to receive that money as per plan.

“The financial impact will be felt by many countries if the ICC can’t distribute their shares from the tournament. Many countries including Pakistan will feel the pinch,” he admitted.

“Pakistan is fortunate it has good financial controls in place and in short term, it will be better off than most countries if the lockdowns continue because of the coronavirus pandemic,” Mani claimed.

“We are to get 7 to 8 Million dollars from the ICC in June but we know they might not come so we have planned accordingly,” he added.

The fate of the upcoming Asia Cup 2022 is yet to be decided because the coronavirus crisis is not over yet. But one thing has been made clear by the PCB chairman that the IPL 2022 won’t happen on the expense of Asia Cup.

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