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Asia Cup Live Streaming TV Channel Broadcasters For Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka And India

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Cricket lovers seem to be deprived of cricket these days and everyone is looking forward to the upcoming Asia Cup 2022 that will be a T20 tournament and will feature top Asian sides competing against one another. The cricket fans are waiting anxiously for the event because they don’t have any entertainment opportunities these days amid coronavirus pandemic and life has almost come to a standstill. Besides, the love for the game in the Asian countries is more than anywhere else in the world and the cricket fanatics just can’t miss any opportunity to show their love for their favorite cricket teams. Like every big event, Asia Cup will also be covered in most parts of the world but the biggest coverage will be for Asia. Here we have brought to you all the pertinent details on Asia Cup Live Streaming TV Channel that will be broadcasting the event matches in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India.

Asia Cup Live Streaming TV Channel Broadcasters Cricop 001
Asia Cup Live Streaming TV Channel Broadcasters Cricop 001

Asia Cup Live Streaming TV Channel Broadcasters

A lot of money goes into cricket and a major chunk is spent on bringing the live action to all parts of the world. Yes, there are world class arrangements made to air the cricket matches live on TV and almost all the major cricketing nations, and other countries in general, have some TV channels broadcasting the matches live for the cricket fans. The same stands true for the Asia Cup 2022 as well. Like every mega event in cricket, the broadcasting rights are sold to a TV network and its live coverage is televised through different TV channels in different parts of the world.

So, if you are planning to watch the live matches during the 2022 Asia Cup, you must be looking forward to your options through which you’d be able to catch the action live in your part of the world. Let’s run you through the options one by one based on the countries and regions.

How To Watch Asia Cup 2022 In India?

India is definitely one of the biggest cricket-loving nations and they follow the game like religion. With such a huge following of the game in India, there are so many different TV channels that air the cricket matches live for the Indian cricket fans. In case of Asia Cup 2022 as well, there will be multiple options available to the Indian cricket fans to watch the matches of the tournament live. Here is the list of TV channels that will broadcast the matches live in India.

1. Star Sports

Star Sports network is among the biggest sports broadcasters in the country that covers almost all the cricketing events that feature team India. What’s great about Star Sports is that they bring the live action in the finest quality, having secured broadcasting rights for all major cricketing events around the world, but they also give cricket fans the chance to watch the matches live with their desired commentary language. Primarily, both Hindi and English commentary options are available. Besides, they air the matches on different Star Sports TV channels to expand the reach and cover more regions than any other channel. You can tune into the following Star Sports channels:

  • Star Sports 1 (Hindi)
  • Star Sports 2
  • Star Sports 3
  • Star Sports 4

See which of these Star network’s TV channels are available in your area and tune into them for live action throughout the upcoming Asia Cup 2022.

2. DD National

DD National is a popular Sports TV channel in India that covers majority of the sports events in the country. It is the national TV channel that has immense following and is a preferred choice for many. It is India’s most widely available terrestrial TV channel and that certainly emphasizes the reason why it is so popular in the country. Yes, the biggest reach of the TV channel is what makes it popular among the masses. In addition, they bring the high-quality coverage of the cricketing events in the country.

DD National will bring the action live to the cricket fans in India during the Asia Cup 2021 as well. So, you can keep following the TV channel if you are interested in watching the action live and no other option is available to you.

3. DD Sports

An alternative to DD National is the DD Sports – the sports channel owned by the state that brings cricket action live. It is also a widely followed TV channel that brings you the highest quality sports coverage in India.

So, with multiple options available to the cricket fans in India, there is no need to worry about watching the Asia Cup matches live. At least one of these options would be working fine for sure and the cricket fans can follow them for getting all the entertainment they need during these tough times.

How To Watch Asia Cup 2022 In Pakistan?

Pakistanis are not too far behind the Indians when it comes to the love for cricket. In fact, they are always roaring loud on the cricket grounds and when the game is between India and Pakistan then no other crowd can be louder than the fans from these two countries. The nation is also crazy about watching the matches on TV and spending some quality family time. So, the upcoming Asia Cup 2022 won’t be any different either. Wondering where you can watch the matches live? Here are your options:

1 – PTV Sports

Ever since its launch back in 2012, the national sports channel of Pakistan has covered all the major sports events including cricket. PTV Sports airs all the major and minor cricket matches featuring Pakistan live for the cricket fans. So, Asia cup matches will go live on PTV Sports as well. You can stay tuned and see when the schedule comes out. Follow the schedule, and watch the matches live on your favorite Sports channel.

2 – Ten Sports

Ten Sports has also been one of the biggest coverage providers for cricketing events in Pakistan. The TV channel has been around for more than a decade and it has a rich history of providing cricket fans with some unparalleled and uninterrupted entertainment. You can tune into Ten Sports for watching Asia Cup 2022 matches as well.

3 – SonyLiv App

SonyLiv App also airs live cricket matches in Pakistan and you can easily download it from the Play Store on your Android device. The app provides high-quality cricket coverage for the cricket fans in Pakistan and runs completely interruption-free. So, it’s a reliable option to go for.

All these options are available to anyone anywhere in Pakistan. Just see which of them is feasible for you and you can catch the action live as the tournament begins.

How To Watch Asia Cup 2022 In Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is another enthusiastic cricketing nation and the people in the country just go crazy to watch their team win on the cricket grounds. In fact, a major reason is that they have transformed themselves over the years from minnows into one of the most competitive teams in world cricket. So, you can always find the emotion visible in the Bangladeshi cricket fans both on the ground and off the ground. If you are from Bangladesh and you want to watch the matches of the Asia Cup 2022 live, here are your options.

1 – Gazi TV

Gazi TV is the official broadcaster of sports events in Bangladesh and they have the rights to air upcoming Asia cup T20 as well. Bangladesh fans can tune into GTV for watching high-quality streaming of the Asia Cup matches.

2 – Channel 9

Another great option for the Bengali cricket fans would be Channel 9. The TV channel covers most of the cricketing events in the country and will also be covering the upcoming T20 Asia Cup 2022 as well. So, if you prefer watching Channel 9, you can catch the live cricket coverage there as well.

3 – BTV National

For Bangladeshi cricket fans who only have access to the national TV channel, the BTV National will also be airing the live cricket matches during the Asia Cup.

Figure out which TV channel you can follow easily for the HD live cricket streaming and tune into it for watching the matches live.

How To Watch Asia Cup 2022 In Sri Lanka?

For the cricket fans in Sri Lanka, the SLRC (Channel Eye) will bring the live action during the upcoming Asia Cup 2021. The channel has been providing all the cricket coverage over the years and it will not disappoint the cricket fans this time around either.

Asia Cup 2022 is really going to be one exciting cricket tournament and will probably mark the continuation of cricket around the world after the coronavirus pandemic. With all these Asia Cup Live Streaming TV Channel options available, make sure that you watch every single ball being bowled and witness the live action on your TV screens throughout the tournament. It will surely be immense fun and you’re going to love it for sure.

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