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Asia Cup Team Kits And Logos – The Colors That Will Rule The Grounds During Asia Cup 2022

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Cricket seems to have been put to a halt amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and all the events have been postponed indefinitely around the world. There is no bilateral series going on and the future of the upcoming tournaments seems foggy at the moment too. Still the hopes are alive and the cricket fans are anxiously waiting for the Asia Cup 2022 that is scheduled in September this year. Even though there hasn’t been any final call made on whether the tournament will go according to the schedule or if they will need to shift it to a later date, the cricket fanatics are hoping for the event to stick to the actual schedule. Amid all the uncertainty, why not discuss the Asia Cup Team Kits and Logos details to give cricket fans some hope and see what colors will potentially rule the cricket grounds in September if the event goes as per schedule? Let’s find out.

Asia Cup Team Kits And Logos – The Colors That Will Rule The Grounds During Asia Cup 2020
Asia Cup Team Kits And Logos – The Colors That Will Rule The Grounds During Asia Cup 2022

Asia Cup Team Kits and Logos

Quite often, all the participating teams in any major event come up with new kits for their players and they give sort of an attractive vibe to the entire event. Ever since the cricket is being played in the colored kits, we see a lot of interest of the fans in the colors and design of the kit that their favorite players will be wearing in the next upcoming event. There’s a lot of investment that goes into this with kits being sponsored by the top brands around the world and it has certainly come a long way forward since the inception of this concept.

So, staying true to the spirit of the game, the cricket teams participating in the upcoming Asia Cup 2022 are expected to introduce their new kits for the event in September as well. Obviously, the team logos don’t change at all and they remain the same but their positioning can be different on different kits as we have seen over the years. What you can expect to change is the color shades and the design of the kits. Here we’ll be discussing the likely new kit designs for all the teams participating in the upcoming 2022 Asia Cup. Let’s get into the details.

1. India Team Kit Asia Cup 2022

Team India remains one of the most popular cricket teams around the world with immense fan following not only in India but all over the world. Despite the Indian cricket board being one of the richest cricket boards around, it seems that they don’t often spend on the design changes of their official team kits. Over the years, we haven’t seen many new designs coming through except for the mega events like ICC Cricket World Cups. And most of their new kits have very minor changes in design from what we have seen in the past. Sometimes the change is made to the trim and, on other occasions, a minor new detail is introduced in the jersey to give it a whole new look.

As far as the colors of the Indian team kits go, they are predominantly ‘Blue’ and we have seen it the same way for past few years. What usually changes is the way these kits incorporate the three colors of the Indian flag and, sometimes, there is a slight change made to the shade of the color Blue.

The logo of Team India remains the same round figure with fishtail-style details all around and a star in the center. The colors used in the logo are yellow and blue.

2. Pakistan Team Kit Asia Cup 2022

Pakistan is, probably, the biggest investor around the cricket world when it comes to branding in the team colors. There isn’t any other cricket team that changes its team kit as often as Pakistan. We have even seen new Pakistan team kits being introduced in the bilateral series on many occasions. So, Pakistan are certainly going to introduce their new Team Kit for the Asia Cup 2022 as well. Mostly, the Pakistan colors are the different shades of green and they usually go with yellow or white trims.

The design of the team kit varies a lot and we see something creating being introduced with every new team kit. The most recent Pakistan team kit was introduced in the ICC World Cup 2022 which features green with horizontal stripes in different shades of green at the front of the jersey. The Pakistan team logo has a star with Pakistan written in it with a fancy font. We have seen this star to be part of the design variations over the years as well.

The new Pakistan team kit for the upcoming Asia Cup 2022 is going to be some new implementation of the same colors and logo. We don’t know yet exactly what it will look like, though. Nevertheless, it is going to be something really cool as we have seen over the years.

3. Bangladesh Team Kit Asia Cup 2022

Bangladesh is another team from the Indian subcontinent that has aced the cricketing world in recent times and we have seen Bangladesh cricket transforming altogether over the years. As for their team colors they primarily make kits in the green color which is the dominant shade in the Bangladesh flag. However, the red color is also adopted from the Bangladesh flag and it has become quite a dominant color in the Bangladesh team kits in recent times. The current Bangladesh team kit is green and there’s a red stripe on the chest on which ‘Bangladesh’ is written in white. The shirt has a unique pattern towards its bottom part. However, the kit for the Asia Cup 2022 is likely to change a little.

The Bangladesh logo is a tiger face enclosed in a unique banner with Bangladesh Cricket Board written at the bottom. Whatever comes from the Bangladesh camp as their new kit for the Asia Cup, it is going to have the same logo and the dominant colors will be green and red for sure. Let’s see what they introduce for the mega event.

4. Sri Lanka Team Kit Asia Cup 2022

Sri Lanka cricket team has always remained a dominant force in world cricket, especially in Asia. However, in recent times, we have seen the downfall of the Sri Lankan cricket since their legends Sangakkara and Jayawardene retired from international cricket. Lately, the team Sri Lanka has started taking its graph upwards and there have been some wonderful performances which brought a lot of exciting cricketing action for the cricket fans around the world. So, one can expect them to perform at their best in the upcoming Asia Cup 2022 and impress everyone with their superb performances in the shortest format of the game.

As for their team kits and colors, we have always seen Sri Lankan kits to be Blue and Yellow. There have been some kits that featured more colors as well like red, green, orange, and light blue, but their dominant colors have always been dark blue and yellow. So, that’s exactly what we can expect at the upcoming event. We don’t know yet as to what design the new kit will have. If it’s going to be something funky or a pretty simple uniform with team logo and team name, we can only find out once the kit will be released officially.

The Sri Lanka team logo is a simple lion with a sword in its hand and Sri Lanka Cricket is written underneath it.

5. Afghanistan Team Kit Asia Cup 2022

Afghanistan have emerged as a fighting team in recent years and they have the firepower to challenge just about any team in the world on their day. In last Asia Cup event, Afghanistan came very close to winning matches against the bigger teams like Pakistan and they are definitely going to make their presence felt this year too. They will have a serious advantage this time around as the tournament will be played in the T20 format and they are quite capable of winning T20 matches now.

The dominant Afghan color is Blue and we have seen their kits to have it all the time. There are some other colors in the Afghanistan kit as well and they are used in stripes and design features. Mostly, they have green, red, and black colors incorporated in the kit. The current uniform has these colors in stripes at the chest and around the ribs. We have also seen kits with equal proportions of red and blue. So, we don’t know what comes up next until it is officially revealed.

The Afghanistan team logo features a rising sun, shattered stumps and the Afghanistan Cricket Board written on top.

As per schedule and format of the Asia Cup 2022, the tournament will see 6 Asian teams competing in the event. The sixth team will come after qualifying from the qualifiers in Malaysia. So, we have no information yet on their team kit colors and logo. We’ll update it here as soon as the name is announced.

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