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Asia Cup 2022 TV Channels – Where To Watch Asia Cup 2022 Live

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The debate continues as we get closer to the scheduled dates of Asia Cup 2022 because the future of the event is not yet confirmed amid coronavirus concerns. Cricket fanatics are waiting anxiously for the event to get underway and they’re desperately looking forward to it because there hasn’t been much cricket played around the world lately. This certainly calls for a full-fledge event with complete list of Asia Cup 2022 TV Channels list to be issued soon enough to give cricket fans some hope ahead of the event. The decision on the event’s future will come in due course but the good news is that we do have the details on where to watch Asia Cup 2022 live.

Asia cup tv channel list
Asia cup tv channel list

Asia Cup 2022 Live

Asia Cup, as we all know, is the prime cricket tournament in Asia where the teams from the Asian sub-continent take the lead over all the other participating nations. Yes, the event has been dominated over the years by India and Pakistan for most part and then it was Sri Lanka to get the better of the others. Lately, however, the competition seems to be getting fierce in this Asian event where teams like Afghanistan and Bangladesh have improved significantly to challenge the bigger sides that have dominated the field for years. That certainly increases the viewership of the Asia Cup and things will not be any different with Asia Cup 2022 either because the cricket fans from all the participating nations will be anxiously waiting to watch the matches of Asia Cup 2022 live.

Even though we only have five confirmed sides for the event so far and the qualifiers didn’t happen due to the COVID-19 outbreak yet, so we don’t know yet how the sixth team will be decided for the mega event. Still, there is a lot that the cricket fans look forward to and they would definitely love to watch the matches of the tournament live.

What’s even more exciting is that fact that this year’s Asia Cup 2022 will be played in the T20 format just ahead of the World T20 2022. So, that means the viewership will be even greater and the cricket fans will have much elevated interest in watching the games live. Yes, we all know what kind of excitement and thrill comes with the live T20 cricket and the Asia Cup 2022 will definitely imitate that experience for the cricket lovers should it go according to the plan.

Like every year, the list of Asia Cup 2022 broadcasters has been issued and we all know that watching the Asia Cup 2022 live will only be possible through these designated TV channels. There are TV channels listed from all parts of the world as the Asia Cup coverage goes all over the world and you can simply tune into those TV channels that air in your country and watch the matches of the event live. It will be an exciting experience for sure and the live streaming will definitely take that excitement to a whole different level. To top it all, there are some amazing online live streaming apps available as well that will be airing the live action from the Asia Cup 2022. So, let the excitement take over and enjoy a whole different experience this year with T20 taking shape in a whole different manner. Be it behind closed doors or the crowds are allowed to come in, you can watch the matches live online and through the official TV channels designated to broadcast the event live all over the world.

Asia Cup 2022 TV Channels List

Here we are sharing with you the most probable list of Asia Cup 2022 TV channels that will be most likely to bring the live action in different parts of the world. Just check out which TV channels will be airing the event live in your part of the world and stay tuned to catch the action live as the event goes ahead in September this year. Here is the complete list of TV channels for you!

1. Star Sports Network

Star Sports Network will bring the live cricket action from the Asia Cup 2022 to cricket fans across India. In fact, they are the official broadcasters of the Asia Cup T20 2022. The tournament matches will be aired live with English commentary on Star Sports 1 while Hindi commentary will be available on Star Sports 3.

2. DD National

Indians are so lucky that they have myriad of options available to watch the live cricketing action from all parts of the world. DD National is another TV channel that will be airing the live cricketing action from the Asia Cup 2022 to the Indian cricket fans. Remember, however, that the TV channel is not available anywhere outside India.

It is the biggest Indian TV channel that covers more than 90% of the Indian regions and has the biggest following in India through Dish and Cable network too.

3. Fox Sports

Fox Sports will bring the Asia Cup matches live to the Australian cricket fans. Yes, no matter where you are in the world, Asia Cup features exciting contests and you just don’t want to miss out on them. So, if you’re in Australia, just tune into Fox Sports and enjoy the Asia Cup 2022 live streaming. Fox Sports will also bring highlights of every match being played in the event.

4. PTV Sports

PTV Sports is the national sports TV channel in Pakistan. Since its inception, PTV Sports covers all the major cricket events featuring Pakistan and also the bilateral series that Pakistan takes part in. For the cricket lovers in Pakistan, it is the prime option for watching live HD cricket streaming and will also air the matches of the Asia Cup 2022 live as well. The TV channel can be watched online as well through its YouTube channel and also the official website. So, if you are in Pakistan, or anywhere else where the PTV sports streaming is available, you can tune into the TV channel to watch the matches of the upcoming event live.

5. Sky Sports

Sky Sports is the official broadcaster of Asia Cup 2022 in the UK and across Europe. You can also rely on Sky Sports app and website to watch the matches of the tournament live. Live broadcasting of the TV channel is available on-demand and you can subscribe weekly/monthly plan put forth by them to catch all the exciting cricket action from Asia Cup T20 this year.

6. Super Sport

Super Sport is designated to broadcast the live cricket matches from the Asia Cup 2022 in South Africa. The TV channel leaves no stone unturned to bring the cricketing action live from all parts of the world to cricket fans in South Africa. It covers every major sporting event and offers HD live streaming of all the action for the cricket lovers in South Africa.

So, if you are in South Africa, you can count on Super Sport TV channel to catch the action live from Asia Cup T20 2022. Don’t miss the action as it will air every single ball being bowled during the event.

7. Willow TV

Willow TV HD is the prime live streaming option for the sports events, especially cricket, in the USA. The cricket lovers in the US don’t have any other option to watch the live streaming of the major cricketing events as the sport is not a widely followed one in that region. So, if you are in America, you simply need to tune into Willow TV and the live streaming of the Asia Cup matches will be brought to you right there.

8. Astro Cricket HD

Astro Cricket HD is your option to watch the matches of the Asia Cup 2022 live in Malaysia. Cricket is establishing its footing in the Malaysian regions quicker than ever before and the game has already developed serious following in that part of the world. Astro Cricket is like a dream come true for the cricket fans in Malaysia because they can watch live Asia Cup 2022 matches on this TV channel without having to pay any subscription fee.

The TV channel remains the top choice TV channel in Malaysia and offers live streaming of almost all the major events in the country. So, as the Asia Cup 2022 begins, just tune into Astro Cricket HD for catching the live action.

9. ATN Cricket Plus

Canada also has a wide following of the game and cricket lovers want to watch all the major cricket events live right from the comfort of their home. The cricketing action will be brought live to the cricket fans in Canada through ATN Cricket Plus. The TV channel will also air the matches of the tournament live in various neighboring countries as well. HD live online cricket streaming will also be available through the official website of the TV channel. You may have to pay a certain subscription fee for watching the live action online though.

10. OSN Sports Cricket HD

OSN Sports has long been a trusted choice for watching all the cricket-related live streaming action in the MENA region. The TV channel also covers other sports events except cricket as well and offer live coverage of some exciting sports events to the crazy sports lovers. If you are in Middle East or North America, you can rely on OSN Sports Cricket HD for watching the Asia Cup 2022 live right on your TV screens. It will be one exciting experience for sure.

11. Ten Sports

The cricket fans in Pakistan are kind of lucky as they can watch all their favorite sports events on a variety of TV channels. Ten Sports is another popular channel in the country where the matches of the Asia Cup 2022 will be aired live and anyone who has access to the cable TV network can access Ten Sports and watch the entire event live. Some exciting cricket will be knocking at your doors later this year.

12. Star Cricket

Star Cricket is another popular TV channel that finds its base in India. The TV channel will be the top resource available to the cricket fans in Singapore to watch the matches of the upcoming T20 Asia Cup 2022 live. Another option for the cricket lovers would be Hotstar live streaming as the app is known to of HD live streaming of the mega cricket events in different parts of the world. So, just tune into Star Cricket and enjoy the live action.

13. Gazi TV

Gazi TV is the TV channel of choice for the cricket lovers in Bangladesh. The TV channel has a history of airing HD live streaming of cricket matches in the country and they will surely continue with that tradition this year as well.

14. Channel 9

Channel 9 is the alternative available to the Bengali cricket fans for watching the matches of the mega event live. They can also tune into Rabbithole Live streaming for watching Channel 9 official live streaming online.

16. SLRC Channel Eye

SLRC Channel Eye is the prime cricket live streaming option available to the cricket lovers in Sri Lanka. They have already confirmed their broadcasting contract with the ACC and will stream the matches of the event live in Sri Lanka.

17. 1 TV

1 TV is the option available to the Afghan cricket fans as they are more passionate to watch their cricket stars playing live than any other nation out there. So, if you are in Afghanistan, tune into 1 TV for watching the live action.

Asia Cup 2022, if everything goes according to the plan, is surely set to bring some amazing cricketing contests for cricket lovers all over the world. And, with all these Asia Cup 2022 TV channels set to air the matches live in different parts of the world, you are no short of options to witness the live cricketing action and watch your favorite players take the field this September. Stay tuned!

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