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Is Asia Cup 2022 Fixed? What Are Match Fixing Chances In This Year’s Event?

India vs Pakistan Match Fixed!!!!

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Cricket is a wonderful game and it has immense following all over the world. But with that comes the potential for corruption and fixing too. Yes, every year, millions and billions of deals happen as bookies fix the popular cricket matches. And, things pick up pace whenever some major cricketing event is around. Now, with this year’s Asia Cup 2022 fast approaching, one question that is on everyone’s mind is if Asia cup 2022 fixed? To be honest, the chances of the entire event being fixed by the bookies are almost negligible but you can’t be sure about one off cricket games.

is aisa cup fixed
is aisa cup fixed

Is Asia Cup 2022 Fixed?

Well, as said earlier, it is highly unlikely that the tournament will be fixed in its entirety. So, what then? To be honest, there are some rumors floating around every time such mega events are scheduled and they really need to be busted because there is no reality in them. The same is the case this time around as well. Then, why not bust these rumors here now?

  • India vs Pakistan Match Is Always Fixed

Obviously, that’s not true! But cricket fans believe so because we have seen such drama in India vs Pakistan games over the years that anyone would believe that the match was fixed. The game tilts to one side for most part of the day and then eventually everything turns on its head and the other side comes out victorious. Remember how many times we have seen such events happening in India vs Pakistan Asia Cup matches? Well, that’s actually because the two teams are too desperate to win the game and they put all their effort into these games and so that the fans enjoy the matches to the fullest. There is nothing like the games are fixed.

  • Teams Like Afghanistan And Bangladesh Must Win A Couple Of Games

We have already seen Bangladesh transforming big time as they earned the Test status with the ICC and also emerged as a force in the ODIs that’s quite competitive even against the biggest oppositions. Afghanistan have also proven their mettle on many occasions as they won games against big teams. So, if they win matches in such mega events, there’s nothing suspicious about it and it doesn’t mean that the matches were fixed. After all, they invest millions in their cricket every year and they also enter into the grounds to win matches instead of giving some match practice to the bigger teams.

  • Spot-Fixing Scandals Are Too Commonplace These Days

It’s something closest to reality and that is, probably, why people think Asia Cup 2022 Fixed. But the thing is that it’s not part of some big scheme of things and spot-fixing scandals happen when players fix a certain event in the game. So, it can’t be quoted as evidence that the upcoming T20 event will be fixed.

Whether you believe Asia cup 2022 fixed or not, the event is going to bring some exciting cricket games for the cricket lovers. Stay tuned and show your love for the game!

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